We have designed a complete end-to-end System.

Complete Autonomy & Control of your Fleet. Track more Telematics' Dataprovided by our fully integrated Electric Vehicles.

All software and communication units are fully in-house designed and developed by QIQ. We did this because we fully understand the implications of operating a fleet for shared mobility.

We believe in a sustainable, long-term partnership with our local operators and in providing them with any assistance they may need to maintain or improve our System.

Fully Integrated System

The Full Software Ecosystem has been designed and coded by QIQ.

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Vehicle Application

We designed and manufactured all of our products, from vehicles to docking station.

This allows us to understand the ins and outs of our product. They have been uniquely designed both for the purpose of shared mobility and to enable future improvement according to User behavior and feedback through the years.

Software Layer

All data collected can be viewed through our backend system.

We have a comprehensive backend management system that allows our local administrators to have full control of, and collect data from, the fleet and business vehicles.

This will give them the necessary information to maintain and improve operations in their city.

IoT Communication

Our communication technology is coded by a team of veterans programmers, who have purposely built and designed QIQ's Communication software to match its purpose of shared mobility.

We understand that tracking the vehicles is a major priority, therefore we have encoded our proprietary communication devices in all of our products.

Consumer App

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Scan to Unlock

Choose a QIQ bicycle from any nearby Parking Zone.

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Pedal Assisted Bicycles

The harder you pedal, the more assist you’ll get.

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Remain in Session

Engage the horseshoe lock to pause your trip. Your trip will remain in session.

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7 Minutes

Get a full charge at Parking Zones within 7 minutes by plugging our charger into the front of the bicycle.

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Remain alert of your surroundings at all times to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

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Parking Zones

Only end your trip at designated Parking Zones. Park in an orderly manner. Do not obstruct pedestrians and vehicles.

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