Our Mission

QIQ’s mission is to make mobility in urban cities sustainable, accessible and economical. Giving commuters the freedom to move 24/7 without disruption. We believe people should have the option to travel freely, affordably.

Why this matters to us?


people worldwide
breathe polluted air

9/10 people living in urban areas still breathed air that did not meet the World Health Organisation’s air quality guidelines value for particulate matter.

Transportation continues to contributed more than half of the carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, and almost a quarter of the hydrocarbons emitted into our air.

only 58%

of urban residents have convenient access to public transport

Based on data from 227 cities across 78 countries, only 58% of urban residents have convenient access to public transport (defined as living within 500m from of a bus stop and within 1,000m from a railway/ferry terminal)

Particularly in developing countries, access to public transport remains low due to high-cost transport infrastructure.

18 Hours

Breaking through and having the freedom to travel. Whenever We Want.

Government and city planners manage billions of transport assets that are sitting idle, incurring massive operating expenditure due to idle assets not being optimised due to the inability to provide 24/7 operational uptime.

“Smarter Mobility improves the quality of
lives of people staying in cities.

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We are the world's first technology company that builds electric vehicles, energy storage and operators them in cities. Providing a commercially affordable and sustainable electric mobility that is safe, ensuring freedom to move 24/7 without disruption and improving lives is our mission.

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