Our Journey

In 2016, we thought to Ourselves, can electric shared Transportation solve last-mile mobility


Ultracapacitors prototype development

We built our first prototype and tested it with our Ultracapacitors technology and and scored a record of below 7 mins of charging, traveled more than 10km on a single trip...

Certification of Ultracapacitors

We set out to test our Ultracapacitors cells and was officially certified and verified by VDE testing lab. We were certified to have more than 50,000 charging cycles.


Company established

QIQ Global officially become a technology startup in 10 August 2017. With a single mission. Change how electric last-mile vehicles are designed and operated. Improve how people travel in cities.

First 200km in 24 hours

As more testing was made, we achieve our first 200km range test over a 24 hours continuous 7 min charging and riding. Total charging time is only 70 mins to 80 mins.


Launch of electric bicycle sharing
program in Vietnam

Together with the local government in
Hoi An, Vietnam, we launch our first electric bicycle
sharing program on the streets of Hoi An Better say with 25 locations and 300 vehicles


Launch of world’d first electric scooter sharing program in Vietnam

We launch the first electric scooter
sharing program in Hoi An. We were awarded the licence as a City Operator
In Hanoi, Vietnam to launch 28 charging stations in the area near Old Quarters.

Continued expansion in Vietnam

That year ended with a bang. We were awarded Our third city level operator licence in Vietnam. EcoPark. A 500 Ha residential and commercial park with 35,000 people served daily.

and beyond

Disrupting the electric 3 wheeler industry

We believe that electric last-mile vehicles does not stop at bicycles and scooters and there is a huge percentage of commuters travel on the 3 wheeler.

We believe that a Semi-Autonomous Platooning POD will be able to change that industry forever


The commute | The night out | The last-mile delivery | The Smart cities

With our electric last-mile vehicles and fast charging system in your cities, we can begin to reimagine transportation and how sustainable infrastructure would impact city commute, last-mile logistics. Our fleet of
fast-charging electric shared vehicle will only grow. And as we continue to work with city governments, planners and
operators around the world, we will apply our experiences in providing the best shared last-mile system to the world.

Join the revolution

We are looking for city planners, government agencies and operators

QIQ Global is a technological company that builds, designs electric vehicles that are meant for the sharing economy. We innovate in energy storage (Batteries), Batteries Management System (BMS) and fast charging system because we believe in changing how cities and transportation in the future would look like. Lives must improve as cities improves.

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