QIQ: Bicycles

Pedal Assisted Bicycles. So effortless to use, you will think that the world is flat.

QIQ Electric Bicycle Details

Designed and engineered for high-utility, everyday use.

Step-Thru Aluminum Frame Design

The frame is designed and stress tested for heavy-duty use. It has been designed to provide up to 150 kg of weight onto the frame.

Our design team wishes to ensure that, if for some reason, 2 people ride on the frame, it will be able to withstand the weight-stress without buckling.

Puncture Proof Tires

Our tires are solid with specially designed shapes to provide an efficient and comfortable ride without the need of an air-filled tire.

Electric & Electronics

The electronic, battery, controller and locking systems are housed in the unit beneath and behind the user's seat. It contains up to 100W @ 36V rapid charged power.

QIQ Bicycle comes equipped with our in-house designed VCU that enables GSM/GPS tracking, telematic connectivity, and lock-control systems.

Torque Sensor Pedal Assisted System

Our pedal-assisted system is compliant with the new EN15194 standards by LTA (Singapore Governmental Land Transport Authority).

This is a simple solution for bicycle riders to avoid complication of controlling the electric motor with a throttle.

The QIQ Bicycle uses a Torque-assisted pedal to assist the rider. By the system registering the vehicle's torque rather than its speed, the system is able to provide a smoother relationship between the rider’s feet motion and the amount of electric motor assistance needed.

Technical Specifications

Smart, fast and safe so effortless to use, you will think the world is flat.

Front Light

Charging Port

Puncture-Proof Tyres

Torque Sensor

Electric Motor

Ultracapacitor pack

Smart Lock

Rear Light

Battery Box

Electrice Bicycle Specifications

  • Dimensions1587mm x 560mm x 1050mm

  • FrameAluminium

  • Weight20kg

  • Wheel20inch with Solid Tyre

  • TypePedal Assist

  • ComplianceEuropean Standard EN15194

Battery Specifications

  • Top Speed25km/hr (electronically limited)

  • Range9km to 15km

  • Charging Time7mins

  • Energy StorageUltracapacitors

  • Cycle Life50, 000 Cycles

  • Hub Motor36V 250W

  • Peak Current15A

  • VCU3G, GPS, Accelerometer

Perfect for a sharing system in dense cities that require high-frequency usage and have difficult hill slopes. QIQ Pedal Assisted Bikes have twenty times more charging cycles than other electric bicycles' power systems. This allows QIQ's users to travel faster than conventional non-electric bicycles and to climb hills with ease.