We help enable Green-Shared-Transportation in your Community & City.

Join us in decreasing Carbon Emissions in your City.

All vehicles take 7 Minutes to Full Charge, enabling non-stop operations.

Our Ultracapacitor has 20x more Charge Cycles than traditional Lithium-ion batteries.

Our Current Locations

Executive Summary

QIQ innovates in “Last-Mile” Electric Vehicle Technology and offers our technology through our Franchise Model to existing Fleet Operators, Local Businesses and Start-Ups.

Through our Cloud-Based Software and Settlement System, QIQ and our Partners create an Ecosystem for Shared Electric Green Mobility in the cities where they operate.

Overview of our Products and Offerings

We provide a complete system in Last-Mile Transportation

QIQ Bicycles

Probably the fastest charging electric pedal assisted bicycle you'll ever find. Perfect for a sharing system in dense cities that require high-frequency usage and steep hill slopes.

QIQ Scooters

Utilizing an identical fast-charging solution, the QIQ Scooter brings urban mobility convenience to the next level by allowing users to scoot along narrow sidewalks and through tight alleys.

QIQ Docking Station

The Smart Hybrid Charging System plays 2 roles: 1) acting as a rapid charging station and 2) a docking station for QIQ's Bicycles and Scooters. At the same time, it reinforces our mission to keep our cities neat and clean.

Software Management System

We have designed and built our entire system from start to finish, from the frontend to the backend, giving our local operator partners complete autonomy and control over the vehicles.

Proprietary Energy Storage (Core Technology)

Our proprietary Technology of Ultracapacitors are 100% Biodegradable and is fully tested by VDE (the German Testing and Certification Institute).

Our uniquely designed power system can be fully charged in 7 Minutes, this ability provides the possibility of 24x7 utilisation of our vehicles. The system also offers a 20x more Charge Cycle than normal Lithium-Ion batteries.

Additionally, unlike Lithium-Ion batteries, which can only handle a temperature range of 0C-40C before becoming inefficient, our Ultracapacitator battery system is fully effective over a much wider ambient temperature range of -20C to +60C. Thus our system caters to most types of weather conditions


Charge Cycle:

Lithium Ion Battery’s Charge Cycle


Our Ultracapacitor's Charge Cycle


Duration to fully Charge Battery systems:

Other electric personal mobility devices now


Duration to fully charge our Ultracapacitors


Temperature Range:

Lithium-Ion Battery

-0C to 40C

Our Ultra Capacitor

-20C to 60C

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